Hey my bad boy, I'm Kaya 🔥 I'm friendly.. alluring.. maybe we will get to know each other better? I am open for experiments. I like to tease and seduce. I love seeing what effect I have on men. 💋💋 You have a special fetish? Reveal it to me. I am a bad girl 🔥 I am here for you 🔥 The carnal desire that I still feel ignites me - come to me, suprise me and look into my blue eyes and soon you will feel my firm and slim body rubbing against yours 💋💋 ♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥ I really love hard sex and I want to find someone who will be able to share my tastes. I also would like to feel this. And even more... writing to me 💋 Beautiful, sexy, hearts seducer, passionate, crazy is a temptress As the storm spreads she drives him crazy and breaks his heart𝓈 🔥💋 ♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥♧♠♡♣♤♥ My rules First of all I have to let you know - I'm a person, not a sex object! Treat me with respect! My body - my temple - I respect myself! 💎 Don't be rude! 💎 Please be respectful. 💎 No pets name! My name is Kaya, please use it! 💎 Tip for request 💎 Check out my topic, whiteboard and tip menu always 💎 Don't waste my time with pms if you don't tip or you're not my friend. 💎 Don't be a dick, if you don't like me, leave!


Age 37
Gender Female
Sexual Preference Straight
Country Germany
Marital Status Open relationship
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken English


Height 165
Hair Color Blonde
Hair Length Long
Eye Color Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type ---
Breast Size Medium
Female Type Milf
Body Hair Shaved
Tattoos No
Piercings No